This artist's work features a personal iconography, an amalgamation born of a lived in Cuba and  abroad. Arenas conjures up a conversation on reality with the viewer through the visual representation of landscapes. “My work is a discourse on landscapes where I’ve lived. Each new landscape represents a different reality. I layer images of the past with the present, thereby creating the future.” - Néstor Arenas.

Arenas’ work has been shown in solo exhibitions and group shows throughout the U.S., Cuba, Spain and China. His work is part of several important private and corporate collections including: Forrest Capital, The Mosquera Collection, Jorge Reynardus Collection, Leigh University, and Universidad de Valencia, among others.

Néstor Arenas currently lives and works in Miami, Florida.



Argentinean artist residing in Miami since 1998. Pablo Contrisciani is contemporary abstract painter. He earned his Masters in Painting at the National University of Fine Arts of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has recently participated in exhibitions at Arch Gallery, Miami; Karpio-Facchini Gallery, Miami; Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York; Light Contemporary, London; Mackey Gallery, Houston; Solar Art Gallery, East Hampton and Art Center South Florida, Miami He has exhibited also in the Art Fairs:Scope London; Scope New York and Scope Miami; Art Toronto; Fiac Paris; Art Miami and Arte Americas, His work has been reviewed in publications such as Art in America; Art Nexus; Arte al Dia; New Times and Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. Pablo Contrisciani's works are held by public and corporate collectors from USA, Latin America and Europe



Gus was born and raised in the cold mountains of Pennsylvania where he started his art career in 1999 by painting on an old dictionary.

He pulled from a dumpster. By turning nothing into something Gus adapted his own unique style that mixes nightmares, emotions and creative ideas.

He has since turned his artwork into multiple toy lines, fashion, video games, jewelry and more. In 2016 Gus started writing and directing short films.

The starting point for his work is to pull new ideas out from the universe and place them onto the canvas of choice.

His goal is to innovate all aspects of the arts and entertainment industries so that there can be a global shift of not accepting mediocrity.



S.ALVES is the artistic name of Sérgio Alves de Oliveira. He was born in 1958, Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, where he began the artistic studies at Escola de Belas Artes in 1976.
Over the last 10 years, S.ALVES has sought a new way of painting contextualizing with a cross-sectional view between real and abstract. With this starting point, he has sought to develop a different style of painting, which it defines as 'SUBJECTIVE EXPRESSIONISM'.
S.ALVES personal vision leads him to a different way of looking at contemporary painting.
S.ALVES begins to develop what he believes to be a new style, named "The Subjectivity of Painting in Expressionism" or "The Subjective Expressionism". This is because S.ALVES understands that figurative drawing, geometrical drawing of objects, drawn landscape and still life are artistic concepts, which in modern times and in collective movement thinking are losing space for the new generations in which everything is disposable.
S.ALVES seeks, through painting, to follow this actual tendency and the way of seeing things, from the old and new generations, as everything being considerably Subjective. This is "The Subjective Painting in Expressionism".



Humberto Poidomani was born in Argentina. For over twenty years, Poidomani has developed an artistic career centered on ideological notions of societal crisis, ecology, life/death, poverty, which he develops through complex assemblages, sculptures, paintings, boxes and objects, and videos. He creates in his works a dense compound of repurposed industrial and found materials mixed with thick gestural highly textured and colored brushstrokes, intercrossed with personal and literary word references. Echoing the provocative stanza of the arte povera and in a spirit of subversion, Poidomani creates absurd and comical overlapping combinations of wires, objects, rocks, fabrics with an individual high subjectivity. He points out to the diffraction of our culture and the lack of Utopias in contemporary times.
Poidomani has presented his works in museums, galleries and art fairs. His solo shows include a retrospective in the Contemporary Art museum of Salta, Salta Province, Argentina; E.C.A. Contemporary Spaces of Art, Mendoza, Argentina, Museo Centro Cultural Borges Buenos Aires Argentina. He has participated in curated shows in Spain, Miami and Buenos Aires and several International Art Fairs . He lives between Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Miami, Florida.



Born in Havana, Cuba, immigrated to the United States in June 1960. Her artistic career starts later on painting decorative ceramic tiles for bathrooms and kitchens. This becomes her freelance part time work for fifteen years.
Desiring further artistic development she enrolls at the Armony Art Center in West Palm Beach. As a student since 1999 she has studied under a number of teachers, portraits artist James Petricig, figurative and landscape with Dennis Aufiery. Extensive Master Artist Workshops with Nelson Shanks, Paul Rahilly, Bill Scott, Steven Assael, Miroslav Antic, Eric Holtzman, and Timothy Hawksworth, James Adams.
In her still lives with sugar cane, she is able to integrate, childhood memories of Cuba, years in the glades and her family history



Carlos was born in 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
From 1991 to 1993, he studied with Mabel Raimondi, a professor at the School of Fine Arts (Buenos Aires).
In 1993, he worked and studied with Ana Eckell, a plastic artist, in his studio in Buenos Aires.
Later he moves to New York. From 1997 to 1999, he attended the School of Visual Arts (S.V.A) in New York. Returns to Buenos Aires in 2001.
In 2002 he moved to Barcelona (Spain), where he studied at Picasso Museum.
In 2004 and 2005, Carlos studied History of Art at the Borges Cultural Center, by Daniela Pisarev (Buenos Aires).
He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.



Self-taught from the age of 2, with studies in Architecture and Industrial Design, Andrés Domínguez wins his first contest when he was 5 year old.

With great admiration for the impressionists Renoir and Monet , he exposes his work for the first time in 2005 ,at the Art's Alameda Center, in Santiago of Chile, in 2007 after he finalized his exhibition "Fifth Essence", Domínguez decides to emigrate to the United States to continue with his Artist career.

After 2 years Dominguez is selected by the jury of Art Center to participate like an artist in residence , which takes him to exhibit in New York, Miami and Connecticut. He is currently focusing on his Hyperrealism technique.



Born in 1946 in Havana, Cuba. In 1960 at the age of 13, Jose and his family moved to Mexico City where he resided for two years. During his years in Mexico, Jose was deeply moved by the vibrancy and diversity of Mexican art and culture. He has great appreciation for the works of painters Pedro Coronel and Rufino Tamayo, as well as the Pre-Colombian architecture of the Aztec and Maya eras.

In 1962, Jose moved to Los Angeles, California where his passion for the visual arts continued to develop. He attended California State University, where he took coursework in drawing, painting, and three-dimensional design, and began to work with various media including cut paper and acrylics.

Jose then moved to Miami in1974. In addition to painting he became a cabinet maker and eventually transitioned to sculptures. To continue his artistic development, Jose has studied painting with master painter Baruj Salinas and sculpture with master sculptor Enrique Gay Garcia.

Jose currently lives in Miami with his wife Lourdes.