Pigalle Gallery is a unique Art space platform dedicated to Modern, Contemporary Art and Design.
Our mission is to inform and inspire our community into developing a place where they can interact with our local and international artists, connecting collectors with our artist and promoting creativity.

Pigalle Gallery is dedicated to bring quality and beauty to the art collector.  Pigalle Gallery offers paintings and sculptures from a fine ensemble of artists. Pigalle Gallery organizes monthly exhibitions and cultural activities promoting our artists.
Our Goal is:
- To provide a high-quality source of visual arts.
- To create an exciting venue and an on-line space where artists can exhibit and sell their art.
- To promote the work of our artists through our gallery activities, websites, workshops, Art Fairs, etc.
- To facilitate marketing consulting for artists.
- To provide high-quality education and workshops for adults and children in a space that is designed to inspire while providing fun and educational art experiences for all ages.


Pigalle Gallery was Established in 2017 for the purpose of integrating talent from the art community with local and international art projects and cultural activities. Pigalle Gallery believes that creativity united by artistic souls has no limits or borders, is universal, and it is in desperate need to be promoted, heard, and driven.  The Pigalle Gallery mission is to do so. With that purpose we  selected a group of Contemporary Artists in different modalities and artist trends and giving them a place to express themselves.  

Since 2011 Art enthusiast and Gallery Director Gina Arellano has devoted herself to the activity of plastic artist promotion and career management. In 2016 Pigalle Gallery started to operate under the umbrella of Casa Poidomani Art studio promoting and organizing exhibitions for Latin American artist.  Now Pigalle Gallery operates at its own space. 

About Business Owner

25 years ago my older brother and I opened our first Art Gallery in our hometown Guayaquil - Ecuador.  ArtElite Galeria was located in the heart of the financial district area at the San Francisco 300 building where I had the opportunity to work with the greatest masters of my country such as Oswaldo Gayasamin, Eduardo Kingman, Gonzalo Endara Crow, Felix Arauz, Teodoro Constante, Carlos Catase among others, promoting, organizing and curating their exhibitions and installations. 

In 1999 I moved to the United States where my new life as a mother took me to a different pathway dedicating myself to my family and the Real Estate business Investment but keeping myself constantly close to my passion for the Art world. Inspired by life, inspired by Art, by the artists and their incredible talent, I found myself in the privileged position of being able to continue working with what I love. Accomplishing my goal of supporting art in all expressions. Pigalle Gallery represents the reunion of my passion for Art with my past, and my present.
Gina Arellano

Gallery owner.

Gallery Director: Gina Arellano 305-389-0259 PigalleGallery@gmail.com

Artists Relationships Director: Ana Maria Ponce de Leon 305-202-1438 Info@PigalleGallery.com